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Obverse & Reverse Ch6 Page 30

Obverse & Reverse Ch6 Page 30 published on 21 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch6 Page 30

And that’s the end of this chapter! It’s NOT the end of Obverse & Reverse, which will continue with Chapter 7 on November 2nd! Until then I will be taking the rest of October off in order to work on the next chapter and other things! Like my birthday on the 28th, hee hee hee.

I have a new tshirt for pre-order! Just in time for halloween! It’s MOTHMAN! And it GLOWS IN THE DARK! Get a shirt over at Topatoco!!!


So, whereabouts in Wonderland (one assumes) will Meesh and Carver end up to dovetail the two plot threads, and more importantly, *when*?

Who is that sphinx in the picture?

Remember, part of the plan was that Phineas the Red and his family guard the Phoenix Egg for the Sphynx when they faked their deaths. For the day the Sphynx could truly return safely.

The sphynx played a -big- part in the families’ history.

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