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Just a heads up I got a ‘unsecure website’ message until I went into the url and changed https into http.

That has been the case for months if not years. You get the warning, because the site has no support for HTTPS. Browsers have been warning about this for quite some time now.

To remove the warning would be quite easy. Kory would just need to enable HTTPS on the hosting side. Most hosters these days provide free TLS certificates for simple stuff. Or if one has more control about the server, they can just use a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Gold is the heaviest material.

but i suppose that is not the reason the burden are made of it

and the “nice” point that the gold is covered, so the greedy souls carry (and hide under) their accumulated wealth as a burden without even the satisfaction of showing it off

Gold’s actually 8th on the list of pure elements, in terms of density. From most dense to least, it’s osmium, iridium, platinum, rhenium, neptunium, plutonium, tungsten, and then gold.

But the metaphor is the important bit.

I did not know that.
I knew that , despite its higher elemental number, lead was noticeably less dense than gold, as was uranium, and sort of assumed gold was the most dense.

I am surprised to see tungsten and platinum inthe list, despite gold fame as ‘the’ dense metal and their relatively known use

Beware dirty, falling gold rocks.

Also, I guess we’re not going to talk about the 3-headed dog? I will name them BRUNO, then, because we’re not talking about Bruno. We’re talking about large, dusty, golden boulders the size of a small, dusty, golden boulder.

Its Cerberus. As in THE Cerberus. There isn’t much to talk about him.

I know its Cerberus, but I still want to call them Bruno. Bruno is such a good boys. But yes, lets not talk about Bruno. We don’t talk about Bruno, no, no, no.

IIRC, Cerberus in Greek is k̑érberos, meaning “spotted”. That’s right, Cerberus’s name, translated into English, is Spot.

Uhm, actually that’s an Internet Legend.

‘Kerberos’ is basically translated to ‘Demon in the Pit’. Because the animal has, you know, a mane of snakes and poisonous saliva.
The dog’s basically called ‘Satan’

Professional classicist here: actually the ‘spotted’ etymology was a serious academic theory, not just an Internet fiction – but it’s not accepted by the majority of scholars of Indo-European. The current state of thinking is, erm, we just don’t know; there is no obvious Indo-European root, there have been attempts at producing a Greek etymology (including “evil of the pit” or “flesh-devouring”) but there’s no ancient evidence and it’s not even certain that Kerberos is a Greek word, rather than inherited from Sanskrit or another language. Okay, pedantry done.

Did not expacted those rocks to actually be giant dirty rocks of gold. I guess its fitting with it being the circle of greed and all. Either way giant boulders of metal will stil crush you to dust so they better not stick around for too long.

anyone wanna explain the logic for the stupid ones among us?

The greedy are being crushed my giant boulders of gold. It’s called irony, Hell is full of it.

I don’t see it as irony; it’s all symbolism.

Driven by lusts? You’re now being driven around.
Driven by your hungers? Okay, you’re always hungry and will eat -anything-, even fetid muck.
Driven by greed? Okay, here’s all the wealth you could ever want, but can’t use, and are crushed under the weight of.
Driven by wrath? Okay, you’re never going to know peace, and want to fight all the time.

… so, considering that Dis has existed for quite some time and this circle nonetheless is not entirely covered in Monster Gold Nuggets™, who gets to haul the used ones away?

[prepares to give a reply a la Martha “who’s a good girl!?” Finn]

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