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Ah…flying reindeer are so real! Hmm, never heard of a Krampus before. Looked it up, it’s a creature that followed St. Nick around at Christmas…kinda looks like the devil to me.

while santa gave out gifts, Krampus went about and, depending on much of a little snot the bad kids had been, they’d either get a large lumping of coal, or Krampus would come about and scare the high hell out of them, or, beat em bloody, or, if they were truly mean, nasty, and evil little sods, they’d be tossed in his barrel, and taken away to a place none to pleasant.

Flying reindeer might not be real, but flying deer are (perytons?)

Wikipedia says the peryton was invented in Borges’s 1957 Book of Imaginary Beings. So even younger than Wonderland.

Actually, there’s a little village in France named Alzon that dates back to the 1700s whose coat of arms has three winged stags on it; so I think Wikipedia is wrong. **shrug** Whoever made the entry needed to do a bit more research, I’d say.

I may be reading too much into it, but it sounds to me alike there’s an unspoken “And that’s not nearly long enough for them to appear” hanging around here.

Especially given Tim’s later (earlier? can’t remember) “we’re like blank slates” comment.

Well…. techically they COULD exist, after all there are likely Totem Reindeer and some ancient gods in Sami culture rode on them. So its possible there actually can be a flying reindeer. You just have to consider some pretty old pagan religions and some of the old gods there.

Gah, gah! I say gah. I’ve been looking for a creature to match with a rromani character and all’s I have are some fae, and lots of vampire stuff for him. Vampires, dhampirs, and some magical little fae girls who apparently, and I can only find this on Wikipedia and one book, rode on a bird called a charana but I can only find like one reference to this. It’s just… There is so much vampire stuff. A culture *dominated* by undead who sleep around and cause children out of wedlock haha.

Maybe he just hasn’t met one yet >,>

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