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Hmm, ok this is random. You know the lizard people conspiracy. I wonder if that conspiracy exists in skin deep. Not as lizards running the world but as one mythic getting caught in their mid form and oops. Well at least people are stupid some times.

**SNICKER** The ONE THING that bugbears are afraid of: Lizard people!

ALEC: “I tell you, they live in subterranean tunnels! Deeper than ours, I mean! And their freakin’ eyes glow in the dark!
IKE: “…..Alec, *your* eyes glow in the dark. So do Rhonda’s. So do half the people in this bar’s.”
ALEC: “RED. They glow RED, Ike. It freaks me the hell out!”
IKE: “No, really? I need more beer for this…”

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