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The way that cover illustration is done… I am imagining Ravi stepping back from his antique scriptorium desk and saying, “Ah yes, I still have it! The old art of illumination is preserved in these hands! And this is exactly how I remember it happening… :-) …I wonder if I should write the blurb too…?”


Please Kory. Never, Ever, EVER stop making this.
And please don’t be one of those artist who think: Hey, I make money now. Fuck you suckers, just pay to see it. I’m gonna stop this website.

Also, in real live, you looks so awesome. I never saw you as yourself before.

I don’t expect Kory to ever “sell out”, especially since she’s been at this for so long already (and the comic seems to be passion project of her’s). But if anything like that were to ever happen, or if she had to end the comic for personal or other financial reasons, that would be her decision and we ought to respect that. Anything else would be entitlement and disrespectful to her as a person and creator. People shouldn’t be expected to work on the same project forever (but when they do it of their own volition, that is usually pretty wonderful).

Where’d this topic even come from?

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