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2020 Reader Question 22

2020 Reader Question 22 published on 35 Comments on 2020 Reader Question 22

I don’t mean to hate on Tolkien-esque elves! They just go in the same category as werewolves and vampires for me, where there are PLENTY of other stories out there that focus on them and I don’t need to feel compelled to add them into Skin Deep because they’re popular. Also I just don’t have much interest in drawing things like elves and gnomes and dwarves etc etc.


Understandable. These guys are used to much for their own good. Also, have you heard of the Hidebehind? It’s not something Gravity Falls made up.

‘Tiny Crappy People’ by Weird Al Yankovic.

I’m almost surprised that Weird Al hasn’t done that song. LOL! I’m sure some people would say “Weird Al wouldn’t write that kind of song”… and yet, he turned “You’re Beautiful” into “You’re Pitiful”. So, yeah, he’d probably do it… just not if anyone actually suggested it to him.

He’d have to be careful to make sure people knew it was about fictional dwarves / gnomes / etc., though. I can easily imagine people with Laron’s Syndrome or other forms of dwarfism getting really mad about a song like that.

I like to change the words to “Whiney crabby people everywhere”. Or I do about the third time I hear it every day working retail.

I wonder what a Japanese avalon would look like. Over there stories have animals or even objects which became yōkai so I imagine it’d be really lively!

Animals like weasels, snakes, racoon dogs, foxes, rabbits, etc. can all become inhabitants of such a place.

For example:

I think KoryBing or the friend that writes Monster Pulse had a comic about that already.

Does anyone else remember the bit about “How the heck did an ipod become a Yokai so quickly”

Shades and Ghost Dogs exist in Skin Deep, so do other types of ghost-esque creatures exist? Revenants? Banshees? Ghouls? Poltergeist? The like? I mean….do even something as fantastical as a Bone Dragon or Ghost Dragon exist?

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