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Well, to me Kobolds will always be the Sacred 2 version. E.g. you know how the Goblins and House Elves of Harry Potter look? Like that.
One could say to me there are no House Elves and Goblins in Harry Potter at all, just poor Kobolds and rich Kobolds XD

Well if you go by what information can be found, traditional kobolds can manifest in a variety of forms, *indluding* a variety of non-human animals, or even as a flame. Seems what they appear as is heavily dependent on where they live.

That makes sense. Based on what little I know of them, I would imagine that they originally started off as gnome-like people whose greed/obsession for certain valuables (i.e., Kobalt/gems, gold/precious metals, or what have you) caused them to undergo certain changes if left unchecked. These kinds of transformations could become permanent over time.

This fits in with my headcanon that if there are “gremlins” in the Skin Deep universe, they’re some sort of boggart or corrupted brownie that specialized in wrecking warplanes. Basically new mythology applied to an old creature instead of it appearing in modern times.

I love when the D&D ones have both draconic and doglike features. Gotta boop the draconic snoot.

And its even stated in some extended media that they like communal bathing. Hydration helps shedding and all, but I mean, a bunch of lil guys havin’ a pool party

You know, it’s funny, I was just going through my Japanese AD&D Books (Which I have even though I can’t read them) trying to find the Kobold entry so I could see where that lizard/dog mistranslated happened. If I can believe machine translation it’s cause the kobolds were described as having a dog “like” face, and it went from there

I had the thought of the word “Kobold” comes from a cryptozoologist that named every small annoying simi-intelengent magical creature. Just happens 3 specific races took it to heart long ago and now the 3 fight over who are the true Kobolds are… not understanding what Kobold means.

Hmm could always go with the “kobold” is a broad term approach, like anything that isn’t a gnome is a kobold… and even some gnomes becuase research into the small cave dwelling races is a pain in the butt and finding them is near impossible as they are really good at hiding.

that way you can draw all types. Even have it an argument as wynnefox mentioned on which is the true kobold, same with gnome just like two races “I am the kobold you are gnomes” “no we are kobolds, you are gnomes.”

The actual gnome in the corner “Both of you are idiots.”

You should probably stick with the mythical folk creatures. Even if they aren’t as interesting to draw. You don’t want a copyright to do with WotC if you can help it.

WoTC don’t have the copy write on kobolds, which is the funny part. Several other games used lizard like kobolds before them so they can’t claim it. pathfinder has a better claim to it then them, and even kobold press has a better claim. aka it is a none claimable thing. Now if it was the beholder or something else yeah then it wouldn’t work.

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