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These two have an interesting friendship. I reckon a good third of Ike’s conversations where Alec is involved consists of calling BS on Alec’s statements… particularly anything involving Bugbear facts.

That said, Ike obviously still values Alec as a friend as he just rolls with it all.

Well, now that we’ve mentioned headless horsemen, I’m interested in whether or not dullahan exist. They COULD pass as human if they have a way to hide the fact that they have no neck. Would also be a bit hard to wear a medallion unless there’s a way to wear them other than as necklaces. Which would make ANOTHER good question, come to think of it.

The medallion works as long as its within close proximity of its owner (a few inches from the skin). You could put them into any sort of jewelry or even just keep it in your pocket (as Michelle did when she first found her medallion). Necklaces just happen to be fairly safe, convenient, and unobtrusive.

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