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*laughing for ten solid minutes*

What would have happened if the Four Horseman had been ‘persuaded’ to play the(1993 Christmas number one!) Mister Blobby song at Jim’s leaving bash?

With access to the BBC, there were so many more options than THAT on kids TV in the 80s/90s. Plus, they were subjected to Cities of Gold and other such gems from Europe. I know a few Poms who grew up in Jims era, it seems odd he’s not mentioning all the good stuff they all rave about, only one weird parody of a kids show. Stop being so negative, Jimothy!

I guess if Jim had watched productions such as Cities of Gold, he likely would have travelled to a far more southern location in the Americas than he did travel. How could he possibly have missed out on all the kids stuff on the BBC?

Little Jimothy would have been around *six* when Mr Blobby was created. And believe me, when that pink and yellow SOD caught on as a national TV figure in its right, IT WAS EVERYWHERE. A symbol of the British love of pure trash. That’s the thousand-yard-stare of raw *trauma* that Jim’s giving off.

There’s some fun ones that I remember from my early childhood.

“Mr Squiggle” is honestly an Australian Children TV series that I want more people to know about, since it is simultaneously so simple and so bizarre. It ran from 1959 to 1999. Not a cartoon, but closer than whatever Pete & Pete would have been.

Australia also got a whole bunch of things from all over, so long as it was in English. “Bump In The Night” honestly feels like it was inspired by some kid’s fever dream. “Soup Opera” still doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever, but seeing fruit magically become things while still being recognizable as the original fruit is interesting in its own way. And “The Big Knights” was weird and funny.

I was, of course, avoiding answers I know should be known to anyone and everyone, such as The Magic School Bus, Pokemon & The Simpsons.

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