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2024 Reader Questions 16

2024 Reader Questions 16 published on 12 Comments on 2024 Reader Questions 16

Bloodcarver is Very Old.

Also don’t worry, time passes differently in Dis but that doesn’t mean Michelle was down there for like, 10 years or anything. It only really makes a difference when you’ve been there for as long as the dragons have.


Aww, poor Bloodcarver. For some reason I got the vibe in the most recent chapter that he was on the younger side for a dragon, like mebbe the dragon version of early or mid 20s, not Very Old and Very Tired

It also means that he has been the longest in Dis being sucked dry of magic along with Dis Pater. That might have affected him growing up without the energy and power of a normal dragon. And could it be that Dis Pater has a special dispensation from the energy sink?

I came here specifically to say “poor Bloodcarver”.

I mean, it’s no wonder he’s against the “stay in Dis forever after betraying the only Sphinx” plan. Dis Pater views Dis as a necessary evil, a refuge from the chaos and pain of the Dragon genocide. Bloodcarver knows best what it’s like to grow up there, to have only grey Hellish nastiness on the horizon forever, and undoubtedly doubts the sincerity of any deal made with their “hosts”, with good reason, having grown up watching them.

For Bloodcarver,

What to say that wouldn’t sound patronizing or such but still convey that imagining the ache of conflict for you Bloodcarver. To know that life in Dis is not living, it’s just existing nearly as shades and at the whim of the native inhabitants would be a level of stress that itself would age anyone more than merely time would.

I get the feeling that of the many wants you have, is for the rest of your family and kind to not being in Dis any further, to be able to feel the sun upon your scales and then be able to peer up at the sky at night and see actual stars.Perhaps rest in forests to smell the leaves after a rain, hear the sound of bird song instead of the screaming silence.

That said, have you heard of a double patty hamburger and would you want one?

My own conclusion, stemming from the statements in this Q&A, is that time has no effect in Dis. Rather than a difference in the passage of time, I get the impression it sort of just …passes through. Time still goes, but while it affects dimensions outside of Dis, Dis just is. I bet if Michelle stayed there long enough, the days would begin to blend before she’d have to really think about how long she was there in order to know how much time has passed and conclude time’s effect outside of Dis.

Would it be considered time travelling? A really slow form of time travelling. Might need to bring a packed lunch or two.

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