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If humans have no innate magic, how do they learn sorcery?
Scratch that. I suppose a more accurate question would be – if they don’t manipulate the world around them with their own magic, where do human sorcerers get the energy they use for sorcery?
*is thinking about this way too much*

More commonly sorcerers get their magical energy by burning life force (either their own or that of others). The non-refillable kind of life force. Which is why sorcery is usually the a branch of magic. Especially because the cleverer sorcerers tend to figure out how to steal others’ life force for their magics.

That being said, Kory’s fantasy setting can work however Kory wants it to work, so I strongly doubt sorcery in skin deep runs on a non-refillable and very literal life force.
There’s no way Anne would let Tim continue using sorcery if it was literally wittling away at his lifespan, and she most certainly wouldn’t be letting him teach his apprentice (whose name and gender I cannot currently remember) any of it.

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