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Oh that’s fun!!!
here’s my question, for the beings that live to like 200 (the Griffins and others) what happens to their human form when they get older? do they get more and more decrepit? or do their body’s just say looking like they are around 80? (and also do they stay in avalons more? since a freakishly old gal talking about the dust bowl would raise some eyebrows to say the least)

My personal thoughts (and not Kory’s official opinion):
I think it’s likely that their human appearance would age proportionally slower. That is to say, even when they’re 100, their human form would look like a healthy 50-year-old.

Alternately, they’d stay “young” longer. That is to say, their human form would reach a certain physical age, and then age “normally” after a certain point. For example, their human form might age “normally” until they’re 40, then stop at that point until they’re 140, and then start aging “normally” again.

Question: Do Mula-Sem-Cabeças (AKA, headless mules) exist in Skin Deep?

They’re a low key favorite of mine, but almost never get referenced, so curious!

How would a headless beast work? Sort of like the Pie Horse Monster in Girl Genius? Or… some other way?

Presumably they’d be pretty magical, if they’re even close to their myth. Head made from fire and/or invisible, and all that.

However, some variants of the headless mule do (bit confusingly given the name) have ‘normal’ heads or at least skulls floating in the flames, but they’re filled with an inner fire that shoot out whenever the creature breathes. Plus iron hooves and black pelts.

So… yeah, pretty much walking Metal covers. Very underrated beastie!

If Jim or one of his brothers were to have a family a Jubjub bird they would have a chance to pass on the curse wouldn’t they? Surely they’re not related to EVERY jubjub in wonderland.

On the note. Are there any wonderlanders that have migrated to other avalons?

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