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Website update!

Website update! published on 9 Comments on Website update!

You might have noticed the website got a little bit of an upgrade! All thanks to long-time reader and discord admin t3rminus! You might notice that some of the graphics are a little blurred or otherwise look weird, and those will be replaced and updated as I have time to work on it! Things will hopefully slowly but surely look and work better around here!


I’m not sure if it’s been asked before or just not considered. Although likely it has been asked before I just cant recall it off hand.

But what would Eleanor look like if she were able to appear human and had use of a medallion, provided there was one she could use?

I can imagine she would possibly enjoy being a silly individual that looks like they’re walking around everywhere wearing a “obviously fake” enormous mustache for a lady. To which I can imagine a proud dwarven level mustache only one manicured to look similar to: on a mid 30’s-esq person.

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