Greetings from Dogpatch 16: The G is Silent

Don’t forget, I’ll be at ECCC the week after next!! If you’re going to be in Seattle, please stop by!!

Also, look what’s for sale!

Books! The books bought from the Big Cartel store won’t be shipped out until AFTER the Kickstarter books are shipped, but I will be spending the next week and a half packing and shipping Kickstarter orders, and then I’ll be at ECCC, and then I’ll return and ship the rest of the orders. So if you buy a book today you shouldn’t be waiting long! And if you bought a book during the Kickstarter, you REALLY won’t be waiting long! They’ll be shipped out soon!


I think Gabe is probably old enough to call most people kids.
And Ricky is still making the best faces. I stumbled on a drawing of him in one of your sketchbooks that I was showing to a friend to help him with concepts for his own story, he liked Ike.
I’m guessing Obi is the fellow wearing the Napa shirt.

Is the ‘g’ REALLY silent, or is it a glottal stop?

Speaking as someone from an area where most surnames are French and we laugh at how people up north mangle things, I’m guessing that people with German surnames have taken to similar routes in dealing with pronunciation. Namely, they gave up trying to get people to say it perfectly a couple generations back and learned to live with the fact that most Americans just don’t do things like glottal stops. Either way will do for them.

FWIW, the *German* pronunciation of “Vogt” (reeve – the title, not the bird) uses a rather normal “G” sound. Think of a somewhat slurred “docked”.

i think the whole word sounds pretty much like “foked”, i.e. like “poked”, but starting with an “f”.

You’re probably right. It sort of reminds me of the founder of Palladium Books, Kevin Siembieda. It’s supposed to be pronounced Shem-bee-yay-da, but in his own words, “I’ve learned to respond to anything that sounds remotely similar.”

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