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Greetings from Dogpatch 15: Ricky

Greetings from Dogpatch 15: Ricky published on 23 Comments on Greetings from Dogpatch 15: Ricky

Oh gosh it’s a new character! I’m not tired of new characters yet so I hope to heck you aren’t either!


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Ivory. Ivory, your neck in the seventh panel…

I have worn SO MANY pairs of those gloves… and they have this horrible way of picking up every splinter or thorn anywhere nearby and shuffling it straight to the fingertips, where they rattle around loose and stab you occasionally… I swear they are all cursed. All of them.
On a more related note, I am loving Ivory’s body language. You know, that neck.

I love that Ricky has those work gloves . . . there must be about 5 1/2 pairs of those in my garage! (In some ways, gloves are worse than socks. When you lose a sock to the laundry machines, you know it’s over. But with gloves, it’s different. It once took me three years to find both gloves for a pair – I could never locate both at the same time!)

And Ivory made me do a double-take in panel. The arm-neck parallel is just funny. :)

I just think it’s humerous seeing how Dogpatchites are reacting to Gabe like humans would react to them. XD

Some of them are probably busting their brains trying to figure out what Gabe is the “midform” of. There have to be at least one or two mythological creatures with four wings.

I don’t think Angels have a mid or human form. It Don’t look like he wears a medallion . . . but I could be wrong. :x

Carry, It looks like you misunderstood TB. I think he meant that the folks of Dogpatch are making a backward leap of disbelief, trying to think of some “ordinary” mythical being with an angelic midform. It’s the same attitude that Lorne described humans as displaying.

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