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I’m involved in a new Kickstarter! It’s called Losing Altitude and it’s a full-color art book featuring endangered birds. There are lots of artists contributing illustrations, and I’m one of them! If you’re interested, check it out!


so bugbears can’t see other bugbears with their extra sensory ability? hmm, that might explain how the bugbear talisman from the previous story segment worked. if it made the bearer ‘read’ as a bugbear to the senses of a other bugbears, they’d basically be invisible.

and i wonder if Gabe’s undetectable state is normal for angels or not.

Like your train of thought on the talisman idea…. as valid as any other theory…

As for Gabe…. if Myra has met/tracked demons then I’d sort of expect she’d met/tracked angels as well and that is why Gabe being a ‘blackspot’ is messing with her mind…. then again I could be over extrapolating….

Do like Myra’s unphased expression as Gabe butts in on the conversation… at least she is living up to the “Bugbears don’t get nervous” line.

Of course if you think about it, the only way Bugbears can tell if something is undetectable on their “radar” is if they can see it in person at the same time they can’t detect it.

How many undetectable things are actually hiding out there being, you know, undetected?

*attempts to read map* Deer… deer… fawn? Wait, whats a fawn doing that far away from the other deer? Also, bugbear radar comes with a road map? Lolz

does often leave young fawns alone, hidden in grass/ thickets, because the fawns can’t run to escape predation.
the fawns are better off using their natural camoflauge.

Mother deers (does) would sometimes (well, more often than “sometimes”) leave their fawns alone for hours (sometimes all day)… the fawns are pretty good at hiding; usually they find a little bush or a den or something like that and curl up, not moving for hours.

Alec is able to monitor the individual posters advertising his band’s next gig, why shouldn’t other inanimate objects like roads show on a bugbear radar? I’m more surprised that Myras radar apparently *does* show *herself*, in spite of her being a bugbear.

Now if we could do THIS to it … >;->

Waaaaaaait. Myra’s got street NAMES on that map … :-o

(And more rear view mirrors on her truck than legally required IIUC … ;-)

it’s possible that the streets and street names thing is more visualization of memory than her sensory ability. the sensor ability would be useless without an ability to know where you are location wise, so if she memorized a map she could be overlaying streets and street names in her head. what we’d be seeing is the representation of how she combines the position, sensory, and memory information, not what she actually senses.

similarly for alec’s posters, i think. he knew that lily liked to deface his posters, and since he could sense exactly where she was and what she was doing, all he’d have do is remember where his posters are, he’d know when she was doing stuff to them.

I did notice that Gabe does seem to have more feminine features in this arc than he did back in Orientations. Guessing that isn’t really an in-character thing rather than something that has to do with the development of Kory’s art style and her progression since then… *Rambles.*

Also noticed through the previous page that Gabe’s hair did grow quite a bit since then too. It didn’t use to cover her ear.

could also be as an angelic being, Gabe has some level of control over his/her appearance. So appearing masculine or feminine is just a matter of personal choice.

I’ll definitely have to pass the Kickstarter around to my friends. One of them is working on sequencing the Passenger Pigeon genome for the purpose of de-extinction and I think he’ll really love this.


They might very well have them on. Not every vehicle is equipped with shoulder belts. Only vehicles built after September 1, 2007, are required to have shoulder belts. Considering that Skin Deep is set in 2004-2005, and Myra’s truck is not even that recent a model, it’s probably only got lap belts.

In fact, lap belts didn’t even become a requirement until 1968. Myra’s truck is not that old, though; given the rust and the body style, I’d place it as a late 70’s model (1976-1978, probably).

I love how non-surprised and completely unexcited Myra looks. It’s so bugbear-y and is really a nice glimpse into her character.

So this may be a akward time to mention this but I KNOW TIM’S FULL NAME!!! IT IS:Thimaddeaus Rintrah Ikthalon Father-of-Darknesw D’spayre III esq. Weaver-of-Nightmares and Owner of the Cats


(Alt txt^) Those everyday excitements, I guess lol. I could have sworn Gabe was a male in the previous comics, but I guess he/she/it? can switch however they want it. I also just noticed that Myra’s text bubble doesn’t always have that ‘scary oozy w/e’ look it it, like Alec’s constantly does. Maybe he just likes staying in character all the time? lol

Here’s more evidence (weak evidence, but a small pile is more likely than no pile) that the Bugbear Talisman is some kinda’ medallion that bugbearifies non-bugbears. Bugbear. *has not actually reached semantic satiation on the word “bugbear” in this post*

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    New Skin Deep page!

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