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Hello Goodbye: That Poor Sod

Hello Goodbye: That Poor Sod published on 26 Comments on Hello Goodbye: That Poor Sod

It’s a page full of awkward Ikes and sad Anthonys! It sounds like maybe everyone will finally stop asking me about Ike and Manticores in the near future.

Also dudes! Did you notice that I have a NEW MEDALLION IN THE SHOP?

Nixie medallions for sale! They are GORGEOUS, kids! Really great looking. I took a gamble on the enamel and it really paid off.

Also: do you like DESKTOP WALLPAPERS? Because I am doing a donation drive right now and if you donate $1 or more you get a FANCY SKIN DEEP WALLPAPER featuring the ENTIRE CAST of Skin Deep! Just go look up on the sidebar to your right for details! Woo!

It should also be mentioned that Ike and Remy (the lion in the first two panels) were created by Sheana Molloy! And Anthony, as always, was created by Sfé Monster!


Blanche could have chosen someone who’s a bit better at this sort of thing. Unfortunately, since the party boy and his friends are otherwise engaged, Tim and Sam are presumably standing ready to intervene at the door, and nobody would want anyone’s parents showing up, it’s would have to be Newbie McNotbeenintroducedyet.

That’s a shame. It would have been nice if Ike really meant it. He would probably know the most how Anthony feels.

It was nice of Blanche, though, to try and help out. Not the best way, but oh well, he’s trying. :)

I always feel incredibly impatient when I read the latest page of a webcomic.


I know this is late as anything, but I /just/ got what’s going on with Anthony. Someone tried to make a one-way spell to disguise monsters, and succeeded! Only, what with touching the medallion, the spell sort of didn’t hold up too well. That’s my take, at least.

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