Handshakes 16: Prester John’s


Ah, the things one can get away with out of obvious ignorance! Note to self: buy any “normal” friends an etiquette manual and translation guide before introducing them to the weirdos I usually prefer to keep company with.

You can just -hear- the words grating through those clenched teeth.
Brilliant facial expressions. Simply brilliant.

I thought the thing about Gorgons was to not *look* at them, not to not be seen *by* them. Or is just another case of humans getting it wrong?

As I understand it, something in the Gorgon’s gaze turns living creatures to stone when they look directly into her eyes; if this information is accurate, a blind gorgon would be incapable of producing such an effect.

re-reading throught the comic (mostly looking of silly Tony ‘ :c ‘ faces actually. But I have to ask, that bluish sliver medallion in the third panel…what is it for? It looks like a winged deer, a Peryton maybe?
In any case I would so buy that as a real medallion :D

Which then, for me, begs the question of “What do you call something that is half lion and half dragon?” Head, forelegs and body of lion, hindquarters, tail and wings of a dragon. Any ideas? I’ve been searching the net with no luck but I am not the best at the “mythical” beasties.

Technically, that would be a chimera. I’ve run across some books and articles that state that chimeras didn’t have any ‘goat’anything on their bodies, that they were just dragon-lions in various mixes.

I’m kinda curious as to what sort of critter the black widow amulet and the one that looks like it’s just got scratches in it are for. I can guess the rest, but those two interest me.


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    This was my collection of medallions, until very recently… I noticed my keychain felt lighter than usual, and sure enough the fob that I kept them all on was gone. No luck finding it so far. I’m looking in your store and not seeing most of these, is there any way to replace them? Maybe even a secondary market, if you know of one?

    Oh no, that stinks, I’m sorry! I hope you can find them back!

    Unfortunately the all-copper medallions are out of print and I probably won’t remake them like that anymore. If they do get remade they’ll have color on them, like the others. Same story with the nixie medallion. I need to do inventory on the white stags to see if I have any left, but I will probably be reordering those because they are popular. And bugbears are always in stock at my store! Send me a message on Patreon and I can sell you a bandersnatch medallion for cheap, even though those aren’t in the store.


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