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Epic pose in the last panel. This is the best webcomic I’ve read so far, and the fact that it updates more frequently than twice a year is just icing on the cake.

I agree with this completely. The whole page’s paneling, in fact, I really like.I like the way the three smaller ones are inset into the big one, but in such a way that it does not detract from the action we’re supposed to be paying attention to, like in some manga. I’ve really enjoyed watching the progression of art and story-telling style since the old days of Orientations. It really gives me hope for the end outcome of my own webGN endeavor! (i.e. It will get better)

DOINNNGGGGGG!! Spring-heeled Jack returns to bring trouble to dear old England once more! >:=)>

I imagine that the argument over which mythological species was responsible for the original Spring-heeled Jack stories has already been and gone. Several times. Which is not to say that it won’t flare up again for our amusement.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how Jack follows that opening move. He might be looking to ricochet off a wall, but he’s given Royce plenty of space to see him coming.

Yup, classic dramatic arrangement of panels, there. Nice!

…are you so excited because you got to show us Jack’s armpit hair, Kory…? ‘Cause it killed all the epic-ness (word?) of the panel for me… Yuck! :/
Nevertheless, feather mohawk looks wonderfull. I only have to focus on it so that I don’t see Jack’s hair…


Don’t mean to be rude here, but…wow. Oh noes! Hair! In places hair grows!

I mean, I’m used to (and irritated and judgmental) it when people are all grossed out by women having hair in places that marks them as pubescent–I get it, society is a powerful force and it is hard to avoid buying into the narrative that grown women are scary/gross and in order to look attractive you need to look as much like a pre-pubescent as possible (I do shave sometimes). I get it (I still judge you if you try to force other people into shaving, but that is a different rant). But here? With a man who is probably covered with short fur all over? This enters pathological territory.

Seriously, I’m trying to not go into full blown rant mode here. My wife is going to roll her eyes at me. SIWOTI. I don’t have a problem, I swear.

No buts from me: that last panel is EPIC and GREAT. Dynamic posing! Awesome foreshortening! A great leading composition! Unified Colors! I can’t be as specific as Lee, but I know good arts when I sees good arts. :)

Well, Kory, you made me discover something new about myself. I apparently love man back because the first thought I had when I saw the bottom of the page I thought ‘Hrr. I wanna touch it…<3' So, thank you. XD

Also, this has such excellent perspective and I am so pumped to see where it goes from here! I can hardly wait to see the next installment.

So much awesome!

AHH. *deep fangirl sigh*

AAAAAND as everyone said, the pages looks RADICAL and so talented! <333
ALSO, if one can keep their hair in bay, then it's okay. C;


Best pose ever. Love the coloring and tattoos and, well, er… everything. And kudos for drawing body hair because nobody does that and it is irritating.

(And to those people who commented before me: you have hair, I have hair, WE ALL HAVE HAIR GET OVER IT IT IS OKAY TO HAVE HAIR.)

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