Handshakes 17: Garter Snakes


Forgot to mention this earlier, but I really think you have an awesome style and concept here. Everyone is so diverse physically, and the number of personalities your filling in really grabs me.

I’m with you on this one. Kory’s world just keeps on getting more interesting and impressive as it’s fleshed out. Having the imagination to come up with these ideas and the artistic and storytelling ability to turn them into a comic takes a LOT of talent and determination, I’m sure.

“Just take it. Nothing will happen.” Unless, of course, Tony really is unturned. Blanche is being awfully confident about something he can’t possibly know.

If most people who take well to magic turn out to be unturned… is it perhaps the case that most people in general are unturned, and the ones who freak out just never find out about it?

After all, magical creatures breed freely with humans in this universe, and whatever genes carry it not only remain undiluted, but seem quite resilient as well. When Jim was first explaining medallions to Michelle (who is a different subspecies from her father… could the Grecian form be on her mother’s side?), he seemed to be saying (or at least not *not* saying) that offspring produced with aid of a medallion will probably not be human. A ridiculous number of people can claim direct descent from Genghis Khan, and that was relatively recent and just one guy; the various species here have had potentially thousands of years more–in some cases *each*–and they’re spread out all around the world. Given enough time, pretty much everyone would have something else in their ancestry. Humans, as we understand the term, could be extinct.

Michelle is NOT a different subspecies than her father, she is a female sphinx and he is a male sphinx. it’s just sexual dimorphism…..
(other than that, what you’re saying sounds pretty on point to me)

This raise the question of what happen when two (different) unturned found a family.

A possibility (not really genetic, thought, but would explain the proportion of humain, and rarity of cross breed) would be that both inheritance cancels each other -> humain again.
with the issue of the difference between human form and unturned

Perhaps when two unturned of different species have a child, the child is a hybrid of the two species? Which would most likely render them infertile, which could account for the apparent randomness of men and women being unable to produce children?

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    Thanks to everyone who came to see me at VanCAF this weekend! I had a great time and I’m all fired up to get more work done!

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