Heartaches 23: Bugbear Voodoo


Checking out the term “Bugbear” came up with mostly goblin-like creatures. I prefer your design better;)

That kind of bugbear is from fantasy RPG games, especially D&D and a lot of older tabletop games. They’re ridiculously weak, though. My thief in Dragon Quest took down one a roll. X3 Kory’s critters are infinitely cooler.

I suppose I’m quite late with this, but for future reference: my googling revealed that Kory’s bugbears are based on a vague and obscure myth similar to the bogeyman. Supposedly they’re giant bears who live in the woods and sneak into town at night to eat naughty children.

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    New Skin Deep page!

    Skin Deep will be going on hiatus until October! Because I am spending the next two weekends at conventions! Next weekend is Rose City Comic Con in Portland, Oregon and the next weekend is Topatocon in Easthampton, Massachusetts! West Coast and East Coast! Hopefully I’ll see y’all there!!

    I will also have a VERY limited amount of BANDANAS at these two conventions! I’m learning how to screen-print, and I’ve hand-made a couple of cool bandanas! That you can buy! Wow! See you there!


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