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2023 Reader Question 108

2023 Reader Question 108 published on 10 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 108

I gotta be honest: I hate this harpy. If I saw this harpy I’d be like “no thank you.”

It’s December, which means it’s time for SKIN DEEP PIN CLUB to open again! Join in December and stay on thru February and you’ll get a PHINEAS THE RED pin with an opalescent red mane, and also his best friend RAVI!


Question: Are Harpies an only female specie, or are the males just overshadowed by them in myths? And if only female how do they reproduce?

I believe the trick with harpies, usually, is to find a partner from another species to interbreed with. Most so called “halfbreeds” aren’t that: They turn out like a parent. Bit rude to call them that too.

Think like Aussies of aboriginal descent: If one of your parents is aboriginal, then you are. There’s no “halfbreed”, no “Mulato” or other derogatory term. Being aboriginal isn’t a fraction game. Same goes for harpies, except it’s more obvious to someone as doesn’t know them as to whether they are a harpy or not.

It’s mentioned in Exchanges, as Tony is transforming into a harpy, that Blanche has never heard of a male harpy and Madam U tells him he needs to get out more. Male harpies aren’t impossible, but they seem to be dominantly female.

Basically it’s like how certain Pokemon have a 1-to-8 gender disparity favoring females.

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