Heartaches 25: Magpie


And why is it so hard to figure out that he had a long-standing illusion as human on him which he did not know about, and he is transforming into whatever he really is, slowly, because the medallion was not the right one? Or at least, that’s my take on it.

Because when you don’t know that you don’t know something, it’s easy to make yourself believe you do know.

And because most people don’t want to believe they didn’t know as much about themselves as they thought they did.

Is anyone else thinking of his father at this moment in time? His dad could’ve been something and not have told his mom, so they both know nothing about it.

How do they know what sort of medallion is for whichever creature when the medallion is blank?

Well that’s simple. Just keep it written down. I imagine Madame U keeps good records. And it can only turn or disguise the correct species, so the turning tests work for the medallions as well as people.

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