Homecoming 13: Weirdness Magnet

I’m going to be at Wondercon the weekend after next! If you are in Anaheim, please stop by!


I know it doesn’t work that way, but having you at Ottawa’s first ComicCon would be amazing. Boba Fett is coming. The original. Also, the Back to the Future DeLorean. May 12-13th.

Sadness, I say!

What is wrong with you where you need to be a teacher to know what a Satyr is -_-

I’m not sure whether Michelle’s mom’s response was more “what’s a satyr?” or “he’s a WHAT?!”

It’s perfectly possible that Mrs. Jocasta knows what a satyr is, but is still incredulous at the idea of having one in her kitchen. One wonders how she’d react if she knew exactly what kind of fur and feathers were used to make Michelle’s hair ornament.

Aww, you’ve so perfectly gotten the hang of Michelle’s anatomy. I love it! Can’t wait to see what Greg thinks of all of this.

Michelle crouching down like that in the bottom left makes her appear younger than she is due to the height position with her mother. It creates a situation akin to young kid learning something big and bad about the world and wanting explanations from parents. Only it’s kinda reversed.

… this is of course, likely over-analysis. (Why didn’t I think like this back in college/high-school.)

Nicely drawn. Her poses are so expressive. Like others have said, I wonder what Greg will think after realizing she has outed him to her mother. It could go either way.

Wish I had enough money to travel across the US to the west coast for a con.

Good stuff either way! :)

Haha, Jim ist hiding in that box, ready to scare everybody half to death ;D

I think Greg is aware that his being a satyr is almost bound to come up in the conversation, once Michelles mother has registered what’s happening. And he was pushing really hard for it to happen, so I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal.

I yelped “Yes she does!” aloud.
I’m going to join everyone else in exclaiming about how great Michelle’s expressions and poses are.

I don’t think you are taking reader questions, but are there people/beings who are Chimeras? (I.E. the mythical Greek Chimera.) Would they be considered monsters or would they have medallions and if so, how would their mid forms look like?

I was looking up some other mythical creatures when I happened to come across this mythical creature and wondered how it would fit within the Skin Deep universe. It’s be quite interesting to see.

Awww, floppy!Michelle is really cute. I get the feeling that see’s more comfortable is her sphinx body than she was when she first changed, too.

We should clarify that they’re SUPPOSEDLY impossible things. If she’s seeing them, then by definition they aren’t impossible anymore, just improbable. Well, except for around Michelle. As she’s mentioned, for her the supposedly impossible is becoming par for the course.

I sympathize with her a bit on this one. Like a few other folks who have commented on here, I think that I’m a bit of a Weirdness Magnet, too. I doubt I’d have it any other way, though.

I’ve noticed a huge improvement in Michelle’s full-form face over the last two comics. Keep up the great work, mate!

Have to comment on your tumble. My father used to read The Duel to me when I was itty bitty to the point that I still remember it today.

The Gingham Dog and Calico Cat,
side by side on the table sat;
“T’was half-past twelve, and (what do you think?)
Nor one nor t’other had slept a wink!

Okay, so I don’t remember all of it. Very awesome that your g’ma is your inspiration.

Haha I can imagine how the next conversation is going to go xD
“greg, take off the cap.”
“aww man but it took me ages to tuck my ears just right-”

Suspense! Great page :D

Her mom’s hand is hovering there like “I don’t know if petting her like a cat is awkward or not…”

Wish you were gonna be at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo on the 27-29th. Besides Amanda Tapping, you’re the only other person I wanna meet. :D

Just got my Borogrove cards in the mail today and i have to say they are AWESOME! Im glad i waited for them now.

Can you please post at least a note on the front page about updates and when they might resume? It’s bad for a comic’s fans when the comic just….stops.

Well, it looks like “Alice in Wonderland” where the white knight says, ” I get up every morning and try to imagine two impossible things before breakfast. Or I think that’s where I read that. Beuutifully done.

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