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February 2020 Reader Question 5

February 2020 Reader Question 5 published on 20 Comments on February 2020 Reader Question 5

Happy Valentine’s day! Here are two dragons. I didn’t really think things through with this one. But look it’s the noodle dragon from the first reader question! She’s very excited to look like a 00s skater grrl. This is actually how I originally drew Bloodcarver when I first invented him and hadn’t yet thought up Skin Deep or medallions or anything. If Bloodcarver were real this would be like me showing you his baby photos and he would NOT enjoy it.

Skin Deep returns March 3rd!


Huh, Bloodcarver actually looks rather pleased by the sport jacket and trousers. As if to be thinking “mmm yes, this was well worth the wait. I dread learning a Windsor knot though.’

Course the other is clearly ecstatic and probably going to be on the look out for a ramin cart soon enough, or double scoop of ice-cream.

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