Issue Five page 9


Pwned by spirt bird.

Yep, when someone calls you a bird- brain, say thank you, as even pigeons are better thinkers in comparison to their usual intelligence then we are (they can count to 10!).

AND they even understand the concept of zero. Well, not necessarily the number zero, but the concept of the absence of something.

Hey is it wrong to think that the first time i read this co ik I thought that the fox and the crow were both girls …Ian I alone in this thought ?

I love, love, love this song!! It has to be the perfect Texas song!! Thanks for linking up with us, sorry I'm just now stinpopg by, I've been sick as a dog since Tuesday! Have a great weekend!

I knew they were both men by their names, but Eustace definitely looks like a woman. Something about his eyes. Also, WTF, Adele?

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