Issue Four page 14


I wonder how much their diets or preferred foods are affected by their true forms?

Well Michelle seems to be going for steak now, while Merial seems to be going for fish. Greg pretty much eats veterinarian according to the page, and Jim seems to be just eating sweets?

I think Jim has a burger which he took apart, but I’m not sure. looks like he removed the buns, lettuce, and tomato from his burger

Oh, no, those poor veterinarians! What did they ever do to deserve to get eaten by a satyr?

P.S. Yes, I know. Autocorrect turned “vegetarian” into “veterinarian.” ;)

Who cuts Greg’s hair?

And are they sworn to secrecy, thus creating a situation with eerie^H^H^H^H^H^H ear-ie resemblance to that inflicted upon King Midas as penance for his greed to counterbalance the removal of his gold touch?

I really like the last panel because it shows the different eating habits influenced by the mythical creature they happen to be. Like how someone ordered a burger and just decided to eat the patty and none of the veggies and got two glasses of milk. I’m guessing that’s Michelle’s plate.

… MIGHT be. She mentions in a later strip that she now prefers her steak rare. And most felines are actually lactose intolerant, so that’s probably water, not milk.

I think you’re right. I think, judging from the earlier panels, Merial is sitting across from Jim so the burger is probably his.

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