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Now that is a good friend.

I’m not sure that’s being a good girlfriend, though. Unless taking into consideration polyamory.

I think she is, and so is Jim. They strike me as that kind of couple. I’m not sure why (aside from the fact she isn’t threatened or annoyed by the way Jim talked about him), but I have had several friends who are. Lorne could be someone who is more monogamous, though, and hopefully, she had a talk with Jim before doing this.

Of course, it could totally be that she wants someone to look after him if she ends things (considering her specie’s changing mental state in the future).

Nixies are fine as far as aging and mentality. They live an average human span, maybe a bit more. Its Nokks that are immortal, but go bugshit crazy violent at 50. Nokks are the male variety.

Oh, wow! Thank you for that. It’s very helpful. For some reason, I had thought it was both.

No worries! the stories lore is a little difficult to keep track of at time. It can also be a little hard to keep track of because its not always clear, or all in one place. Korie’s reader question answers help a fair bit, but in some its just not covered. Like if nixies and nokks both have situational immortality, i.e. they’ll live forever outside of fatal injury, or if its just Nokks who do.

I’ve been thinking that she and Jim were pretty comfortable in being polyamorists too; when you live a long time like gryphons do, polyamory might be more of a common solution to relationship issues than with shorter-lived species, and it’s possible that Merial isn’t as flighty as she sometimes appears. Sometimes the most butterfly-brained person can think the deepest thoughts without a hint of it showing on the surface.

Is it bad that I hope they don’t get back together just yet? I just feel like they both need to grow up a bit more before they can get involved in a relationship without screwing it up somehow.

I agree, they do need to mature a little more before giving the relationship another try. Not to mention this is just a brief break from college, so he’ll probably be going back to America for a while. Maybe by the time he finishes up college he’ll be more prepared for a relationship. Merial could help teach him a few things, and just interacting with others is a great way to learn how to better handle a relationship, since the foundation of a good relationship is a solid friendship.

It has never been said that Jim was going to get a degree in the U.S. His declared intention, back in “Exchanges”, was to “attend a semester abroad”. Applied literally, that would be only half of an academic year. Obviously, he attended the whole year instead. If he plans to continue his education, he’ll most likely transfer to a British university. (I assume there’s one in or near Liverpool?)

Besides, the incomparable Ravi is teaching him to use his Gift, and will probably have another fit if he doesn’t stay to serve as Guardian.

Aw Merial, you’re a sweetie. Even if she’s not talking a polyamorous relationship, I think she really doesn’t mind if Jim gets back together with Lorne over her. I think she loves him, but isn’t necessarily as in love with him as she can tell Lorne is. It’s really being a good person, like… It’s like a little old lady hands out two candy bars for you and your friend, and you honestly don’t care which one you eat because you like them both about the same, but you know your friend is so-so about their own candy but reeeaally likes the one you got. Like, if it doesn’t matter that much to you but would mean so much to them, why not trade? Not that Jim’s a candy bar to be passed around (no matter how good he is at being eye-candy) but from Merial’s side, I can see where she’s coming from. She loves Jim, but Lorne is looking more and more like “soulmate” levels of love.

(Though I also agree with above posters that they do need some time to properly grow more as people before they hook back up. Lorne dear, being that obsessed is kind of sweet but also pretty unhealthy, and Jim, you’re still kind of a huge goober. With newly explained, somewhat stress-inducing magic powers.)

She may not feel comfortable enough with anyone to be in love. Her species becomes more powerful and loses sanity with age. She may not feel comfortable looking at relationships as “forever” type things. I am very curious to see where this goes. I’d totally be happy to see them turn into a cute little triad (it could suit the characters), but I could totally get why it would take another direction.

I’m torn on how I feel about this. I’m glad that Merial is taking Lorne and Jim’s feelings into consideration, but at the same time, she is in an established relationship with Jim and I’m not sure how Jim will feel about her making this offer, especially since it sounds like Jim is preoccupied/frustrated with learning his Earth elemental abilities. He doesn’t really need anymore emotional baggage right now. Or maybe this emotional tension is what he needs to make his Earth powers work since it was established the magic is more of an emotional thing rather than knowledge based. I’m eager to see how this unfolds!

Merial is suggesting that a couple guys should talk about their feelings. How many guys actually talk about their feelings? Most often, we talk around our feelings. There’ve been scads of scenes in various media basing their humor on just that. (Stoic & Hiccup come to mind.)

I know a lot of people are thinking this might be leading to a poly relationship between them all, but when Merial says “it didn’t work out the first time” maybe she means the talk they had before Jim left? I mean it didn’t go horribly, but it didn’t really resolve anything.

Also she seems to have a concerned/desperate look as she’s saying it so she maybe she’s concerned about Jim maybe breaking it off with her for Lorne or because he’s too confused or something, and she wants to make sure that doesn’t happen or happens with as little regret and hurt as possible. Maybe she just wants Lorne to talk to Jim in general because she thinks he could help with what Jim’s going through, but also knows this is a big issue that needs to be dealt with. and I don’t remember if it was said in the comic, or if it was in the comments, but I remember something about Jim having to stay in London, so maybe Merial already expects to break things off with Jim and is trying to make it easier on him.

I dunno, maybe I’m thinking too much on this, but I do think it would be pretty cool if they got into a poly relationship

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