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Ahhh Gargoyles! Brent Spiner was in Gargoyles! YES.
Now you have linked Skin Deep to Brent Spiner, and the world is an even better place.

Also, I’m going to Uni this October, and this is encouraging for the whole “meeting friends” thing. Yanno… minus the scary transformation attacked by mythological creatures thing.

What if some punk of the street decides to peek in, find out since it’s abandoned and is thus even more interesting, and look around a bit?
Any mythical creature of brainwashing powers?

Na no need for powers.
most people you just Bonk there heads find a tree with a low branch and when they wake up tell them they hit there head.

Drake has a point. There are plenty of UE’s (Urban Explorers) out there who will happily risk police and all the nasty stuff that can be found inside old buildings to explore places like this. Not to mention homeless people, drug users, looters, and others looking to get out of the weather, a place to do drugs, stuff that can be repaired and sold for money (in this case, old movie projectors, popcorn machines, old movie posters, etc), or whatever.

Having said that, though, the mythicals do have a few sorcerors and other magic users among them. A simple spell of “nothing important here” would probably suffice. (And anyone that finds the place despite the spells could very well be an unturned mythical creature themselves.)

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