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I have a question. The storyline states that their true form is hidden throughout the generations. So, their parents don’t know their monsters too do they. If the parents were to find “their” medallions, they would change to, right? I’m just trying to establish why the parents are treating the kids so badly.

Yes, but if the parents are scared or hate the Form that their children take, it’s unlikely that they would want to undergo the change themselves, not to mention that such a big change would probably be fairly traumatic for an older person.

Also, in cases like Merial’s, its evident that No-one knew what was going on, so they had no idea that her sudden fishy-demeanor had anything to do with them.

Here’s my own speculation:

We’ve learned from Exchanges and Reader Questions that nixies and Nokks are two genders of the same species, requiring different medallions. If Merial’s grandmother had only sons, they might be nokks without medallions to turn them. After she dies, her medallion is safely handled by daughters-in-law, etc. Eventually, preteen Merial starts playing with Grandma’s costume jewelry. . .

It doesn’t look like he’s missing fingers, has he been able to get some of them back through what amount of control he can muster over his broken amulet?

I think, when Greg Turned, he may have lost a good bit of dexterity even when his hands looked human. He’s getting that dexterity back by learning how to better control his use of the medallion.

Hmm. Now that begs the question – how many sphinxes are actually running around in the world? Because… hundreds of years, and… correct medallions?
And how the hell did JUST the right medallion happen to “appear”?
And… who made them, when and how? Can more be made?
And… gah! Too many questions!

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