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Obverse & Reverse Ch 4 Page 3

Obverse & Reverse Ch 4 Page 3 published on 14 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch 4 Page 3

Wow a lot sure can change in a week, huh? Anyway, while everybody is holed up under quarantine and not going outside and bored as all get out, now is a great time to reread Skin Deep, I guess!

I also have TWO NEW ZINES that I was going to sell exclusively at conventions, but since conventions are all getting cancelled, I put them up on my store! There’s a risograph zine anthology featuring three stories by Me, Nero O’Reilly, and Iris Jay called Monstrous Love! It’s about monsters and romance and romance with monsters!

And I also have a CATS fanzine! It’s about the cats in CATS because I….I love the musical Cats…so I drew a bunch….of cats….


Early Skin Deep Wooo!

A nice surprise. Wonderland is cool but also so weird.

Early? First page of this arc was on a Tuesday too, I think Kory’s just updating on Tuesdays this time round.

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