Nixie Spit 4 – Oh Holy Frig

I’m sure lots of you already saw this coming!

I had a great time at APE!


Also, glad you had fun, Miss Kory. Hope you met lots of awesome people and got a fraction of your wonderland critter sketches done like you hoped. :3

Bravo! Now… can she change him back again? :P Merial? …You can do that right? Merial? Hellooo? …Oh bugger…

Hey, Kory, it was great to see you at APE! Glad you had a good time in SF; also, you left just in time on account of it started raining today. I was going to apologize to anyone who showed up too late to get “Orientations” for buying the last one, but I’m not actually sorry, so no apologies!

Love aquatic Jim, and you’re doing real well at keepin’ Merial PG-rated. Well, maybe PG-13 for panel 3. Can’t wait for the next update.

So just to clarify/check based upon the comments in the last three comics:kissing a Nixie and then jumping into water turns you into a Nixie. My question is how do you turn back. This is especially important question considering the last story.

Wow I love the transformation in the first panel, with his wings and fish-butt and the webbing in his front paws.

So does he now have gills under that mane?

… Can he see?

Webbed forepaws? Wing-assisted swimming, as employed by penguins and frantic ducks? We shall have to wait and see. We will also have to wait and see what Jim will see, or rather, not see, should he come to look down at, or rather, under himself. Merial had better be able to set that sort of thing right, or be able to retreat a lot faster than Jim can pursue.

Question, does that happen every time she kisses someone, including in her human form, or can she do it voluntarily?

I love it… I LOVE Merial’s expression!! PRICELESS!!! and hopefully it won’t be TOO hard to change him back…. >>’ still love his lion butt… happy you had fun at APE :3 wish i could have seen it, but i’m in Ontario and i’ll stay at going to the Anime North Convention that happens each year :P you should go!!! soo much fun^w^

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