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Nixie Spit 5 – Nixie Essence

Nixie Spit 5 – Nixie Essence published on 36 Comments on Nixie Spit 5 – Nixie Essence

In this comic: two classy people.

I don’t have much to say this week! Other than I’m busy at work with Borogove! If you have ordered something from the Store I am super sorry it hasn’t been mailed out yet! I am in the middle of switching my shipping over from “going to the Post Office every week” to “Having an Endicia Account and Doing It All Myself” so things are in a bit of a lurch right now. But once everything is set up and running it should mean that I will be getting stuff sent out of here much faster, as well as offering more products for sale, such as prints! So thank you so much for all your patience!


Yup! Webbed forepaws. And it looks like Jim will already know what he’ll see if he looks down at himself, so no nasty surprises or maiming attempts from that direction.

Well, that adds another dimension to Jack, Margot and co. water-ballooning people back at the LA. They probably make running bets on how many of their victims will involuntarily transform.

Once again, Jim seems to have forgotten about his magical, regenerating mane. A quick trim with his flick knife and bob’s your hairstyle, until it grows back again, all nice and dry.

Ah, first base. It’s a shame they’re so reserved. Really… in the water, neutral buoyancy, no sweating or overheating, not having to come up for air, intertwinable tails… they don’t know what they’re missing. Or perhaps Jim does – he and Lorne might have experimented in the pool at the LA. Of course the LA will have a pool – the River Mersey used to be heavily polluted, with cleanup efforts only starting in the mid-’80s, and while vastly improved by the time of the story, it still wasn’t really suitable for bathing.

And now to finish on a song… tune, anyway. In keeping with the aquatic theme, here is La Petite Fille de la Mer from Vangelis’s soundtrack to L’Apocalypse des Animaux.

i get the feeling that Jim is sort of stuck this way, seeing as he WAS in human form when he was kissin’ Merial, and after she flung him into the river he went full fuzz and fins. What im getting at, is that the flick knife probably gets stored along with his clothes and such into the magical hammer space it all goes when he’s full fuzzy. Flick knife is no go, so its all natural drying for Jimmy boy.

So one thing I’ve wondered is why Jim has both eyebrows and visible sclera in his full form. Both are distinctive human traits yet he has them when he is most definitely not human. Is it medallion magic or is it more of an artistic choice because emoting a non human face properly is difficult without visible whites of the eye and eyebrows?

So is no one else freaked out that Jim’s gills look like some sort of horriffic neck wound? I mean, really!

This is probably a silly question, but what does “cor” mean?

Um… nothing, really. It’s an interjection you put at the front of a sentence when you feel like inarticulately expressing some emotion or other. The context after “cor” would indicate the particular emotion being expressed.

Like, “Cor, that was a brilliant breakfast!” or “Cor, I bombed that test back there.”

…Or, “Cor, I bloody well cannot spell today so I don’t know why I’m leaving a comment on a webcomic page.” =/

actually i just looked into it a little further, sucked it up and took the dive into the mire of the interwebs, and, its an interjection, an expression of surprise, or, in this case an expression of realization, as Jim boy just made the connection that he’s going to be like this for a good while if he’s lucky to avoid water. It’s pccasionally lengthened to “Cor, blimey” which is a variation of “Gor/Gawd Blimey” which are, my sources say, corruptions of the oath” God blind me.”

Its just another expression of the many interesting linguistics found in the ages old UK, of which there is a solid crap ton.

and, for references, my source was this interesting little site, which I recommend to anyone who feels like expanding their slang and expressions, Kory included.

Hi there, I’m currently reading through all of Skin Deep and I love it!
There’s just something that I don’t understand here. In fact, two things. First: what does Nixie Essence do to people exactly? Does it change them instantly into their full true form? Does it make Nixies very strong for an instant? I didn’t quite catch that.
Second: Why is Jim’s mane looking like he’d just been freaking attacked by a gigantic monster in the 5th panel? I understood that it’s because it’s wet but I don’t understand why it looks like a very gross injury caused by enormous claws! To me, that’s what it looks like and it freaks me out everytime I look at it. I don’t want to insult the person who drew this panel, but it looks like blood to me.
Someone please explain these two points to me.
By the way, I know I may sound a bit rough but it’s just cause Jim’s mane really confuses me. Other than that, I love this comic so far, it’s incredible and very original!

Oh wow, I just read the Wiki page for Skin Deep and I just had all of the answers to my questions. Really, nevermind this last comment and sorry for floodind this page like that. Still, the gills look a bit weird to me.

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