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July 2020 Reader Question 1

July 2020 Reader Question 1 published on 11 Comments on July 2020 Reader Question 1

Surprise! It’s time for Reader Questions! I didn’t know if I was going to do Reader Questions this time, because I wanted to focus on writing. But writing is coming along! So I have time for Reader Questions!

In a normal 2020, I would have been at SDCC last week and GenCon this week! I’m missing conventions pretty bad right now, and if you’re missing conventions too, you can still order stuff from both my Storenvy store AND my Topatoco store! Or you can just reread Skin Deep again!!


For any of the Sphinxes – Why weren’t Harpies allotted medallions?

For Kory – can we see some kakapo-based harpies, gryphons, or totems? I think we all need some of that cuteness in our lives right now.

You know I was just thinking about mirror worlds and how things would be the opposite of what they would be in our world. So I guess my question is this ” hey Gary, Mich, Jim, and Muriel what kinds of beings would you expect your mirror world self’s to be?”

The history of the dragon/sphinx war and creation of medallions seems sorta known (with some inaccuracies), and people know that flying reindeer aren’t a thing. Whilst people might pretend everyone is a bugbear, or make up stories about the origins or horse people, these don’t seem to be taken seriously, or even really intended to.

IIRC, history and the origins of humanity have been debated for millenia. Are there wildly incorrect beliefs held by significant numbers of the mythic community? Different theories about the origins of magic people, say that get argued about by passionate believes (“We’re descended from aliens” “no, we’re hybrid animal/humans”), say.

Do liminals have absurd conspiracy theories they take seriously?

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