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2024 Reader Question 60

2024 Reader Question 60 published on 12 Comments on 2024 Reader Question 60

Like everything in this world, there’s no hard and fast rule for anything. Some part-bird species lay eggs, some don’t. It depends on the species (aka, how I am feeling at the time. What power it is to play god.)

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For such chimerical creatures, which have parts coming from different real animals, I go with whatever animal “donated” the reproductive parts. Got a mammalian womb, give birth like a mammal. Got an avian womb, lay eggs like a bird.

I can almost hear the back and forth here:

Well, mine tend to stay where I place them at least until thy hatch.

True that and I agree it’s a wonderful thing sometimes. However there is something to be said about having non-eggs. Mainly in that you figure out quickly what can be dragged off tables or loose cords that were not tucked away.

Don’t forget about the hairbands.

So many hair bands… Where do they all come from because I don’t buy any. They just appear.

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