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2023 Reader Question 100

2023 Reader Question 100 published on 8 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 100

100 days of Reader Questions! Wow! Thanks for being so patient while I get the next arc of Skin Deep ready! Let us celebrate the 100th Reader Question with uhhh…this weird thing. How does it move? Does it hop on its back legs or run on its front legs??

I am at MFF this weekend! I have 2024 RISOGRAPH CALENDARS along with prints and zines and Skin Deep books and enamel pins! Come say hello!

It’s also December, which means it’s time for SKIN DEEP PIN CLUB to open again! Join in December and stay on thru February and you’ll get a PHINEAS THE RED pin with an opalescent red mane! And also a second pin that I haven’t designed yet. What will it be? It is a Mystery (not for long, I’ll figure it out and post the design to Patreon as soon as I have it).

2023 Reader Questions: Ask Them Here!

2023 Reader Questions: Ask Them Here! published on 96 Comments on 2023 Reader Questions: Ask Them Here!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the 2023 Reader Questions! If you have a question you’d like me to answer while we’re on hiatus, ask them here! If you’re a Patron, you should ask your questions over here on Patreon, as I will look at them first before reading any questions here.

I might not answer every question! I go with ones that I think will be fun to answer with a sketch and won’t spoil anything in the comic, so if you ask something complicated or for any big spoilers, I will not be answering those! I also won’t answer questions that I simply do not have an answer for. I will try to answer as many as I can! Thanks! And see you every weekday starting Monday, July 17th, for a new reader question!

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