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2023 Reader Question 53

2023 Reader Question 53 published on 8 Comments on 2023 Reader Question 53

The thing about non-humans that look completely human is that they have the option to just disappear completely into any society, so it’s hard to find them if they don’t want to be found. Ravi, on the other hand, always wants to be found.

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Thanks for the answer!

1) If a medallioned couple want a child, does the mother have to stay in the form they want their baby born into for the span of the pregnancy/gestation? i.e. Nemean lioness must remain in lion form until her cub(s) are born if she wants them born as lions and not human.

1b) How does that affect the inheritable aspect of a medallion’s spell? Do babies born from a mother in mid-form stay in mid-form, or are they always just one or the other (fully human vs fully natural form)?

2) We’ve seen a huge variety of dragons in the comic, are all of them egg-laying or do viviparous and/or mammalian dragons exist?

3) Do mythicals that typically have litters or multiple young at once while in their natural form also keep that tendency when in human form?

Is Yaksa’s appearance always consistent? I mean, we the readers see him in human form all the time, but when we see him as such, are others seeing him in another form?

Not sure where you got the idea that Ravi’s appearance is based on individual perception? He can choose his physical manifestation. Right now he’s (in Jim’s words) a human-looking guy, but a few hundred years ago he was a raven traveling with Phineas.

From the aether, honestly. I’ve heard of the concept from other fiction such as Gargoyle’s Sister Fates where Macbeth sees them as humans, but Demona sees them as gargoyles, but no one bothered to question their perception of what they’re seeing, and we’re allowed to know this by the writer’s / animators’ wishes.

Since Yaksa is meddling and similar to a god, was wondering if something like this was happening.

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