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Bugbear Talisman 5: Success

Bugbear Talisman 5: Success published on 32 Comments on Bugbear Talisman 5: Success

Now we’re cooking with gas. Magic gas.

Was Madam U lying about Lily stealing from her if she didn’t sell? Or did she just want to make it sound like she was reluctant to sell a useless rock for a lot of money? Or does it actually do something??? Oh the questions, they never cease.


@ Kory:
So are glaistigs just (essentially) female satyrs, or do they have a whole mythology of their own within the Skin Deep World? I love how you take mythic characters/species and give them your own twist.

Just wondering what the glaistig’s spin was. :D

a Glaistig is a welsh (i think) fairy who has the body of a woman, but has goat legs and a long tail. she is often described as wearing a long green dress to hide her legs, and she is said to guard over shepherds and their flocks. other folk tales say that the Glaistig also drinks blood.

The glaistig was said to be very protective of herds, especially goats and cattle. The shepherds would leave bowls of milk out for the glaistig as a thank you, and to encourage her to continue to guard their herd. Conversely, they are mischievous and impulsive, and if you failed to ‘honour’ them, they were ‘known’ to release the herders’ herds into the forest to teach them a lesson.

Hmmmm… no, no, I think all the questions that I have have already been asked. If it were that simple to steal from Prester John’s, Lily would already have taken a… (pauses to study Lily’s hands) …five-finger discount on most of the things in there.

Anyway, on with the fun and mayhem. I assume it would be hopelessly naive to expect Lily’s “testing” to employ any form of scientific method, or much in the way of forethought. I suppose her sense of mischief might induce her to apply a double-blind method, though…

Dean: Uh, Ike… Alec says he’s got the money he owes you.
(While Ike’s head is turned, Lily sneaks up and slips the talisman into Ike’s pocket.)

Ike: Eh? Really? Well, I s’pose I’d better go grab him then… thanks. (heads off)

Dean: How did you know he owes him money?

Lily: Guy like Alec owes everyone money!

Anyone else get the feeling Madam U’s actually letting her have the talisman for the express purpose of her getting into a mess? Going to be good :)

Awwwww… she has toggenburg goat parts! And now that I look at it, the light parts on her face correspond to tog markings as well. Kory, you continue to amaze me with the depth of research that goes into each character design.

btw, I still want to touch Dean’s delicious wolfy sideburns. Don’t think I forgot.

My theory is that the talisman will do exactly what it’s been said to only, only with a catch. What that catch is, I don’t know. But every ability has it’s drawbacks. It’s how Nature keeps balance in the world. My guess is that it messes with her head and she looses control of the power somehow, causing more disastrous mischief, to either herself or others, than she excepted or wanted.

My money says Hyde put it there and struck a deal with Miss U(Split the 500L 50/50?), she gave it up rather readily after only a little hesitation XD I bet it’s just junk and Hyde is going to tooootally mess with Lily. BEST PRANK. Because if I were a bugbear, that’s what I’d do!

I begin to feel the joy of Wormy well up in me again! TY!
ALSO–> Glaistigs were helpful, sometimes vampiric, mischievous, dangerously flirtatious and even hard workers too. The great thing about them is you could mold them anyway you like, villainous vamps, playful spirits. or even tragic star-crossed lovers, like in the old “Lamia” poem.

I love how Madame U’s snakes droop when she gives in. One of my pet corn snakes was up in my hair last night (she loves to do that, I think it’s a texture thing) and the thought of having a *bunch* of ’em like that is very weird– they must be very heavy!

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