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Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 18

Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 18 published on 17 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch4 Page 18

Jim just can’t admit when someone else might be right about something.

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I guess that the strategy of “pick a direction and try to stick with it” would not work well there…

(IRL, it work quite often, even more so when there is a visible or perceptible* landmark , as forest are euclidian, do not have that many impassable part, dangerous parts, like a cliff, are visible and avoidable most of the time, and part without any indication or reperage are not that big. as for the forests/ natural spaces that one can genuinely get lost in, people usually know about it, and are equipped accordingly (map, phone, adapted shoes, water and food, montain climb material if needed) before entering them)

*like the direction of the slope. it may not be constant, but there is no risk of coming back on an already visited part without noticing.

Every kid growing up needs a good story about getting lost in the woods by their house and their parents freaking out. I have two of those stories myself!

The first time i went outside of my country’s border, in an student exchange program, at 12, the second day i got lost long enough for the host family to panic, and then found my way home thinking nothing of it.
i had not thought about the fact that on a hill (and unlike on the side of a valley where i lived normally), the slope could be changing direction in the city, and i did not speak the language well enough.

Has anyone else thought that Rupert is probably really weirded out by Jimmy’s teeth? I mean, he looks normal on the outside with a beak and stuff, but then he opens his mouth and BAM. Toofers. And those teeth are gonna fall out and junk, then grow again. And that’s just WEIRD. Way weirder than any Wonderland nonsense, which is usually just silly.

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