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Greetings From Dogpatch 20: Listen to Reason

Greetings From Dogpatch 20: Listen to Reason published on 79 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 20: Listen to Reason

Oh dang, action, in MY Skin Deep? It’s more likely than you’d think.

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Whoops. I can’t think of anything better to say then that’s got to hurt. Also maybe wasn’t such a good move if the visitors are going to get invited back to Dogpatch.

Not to be a complainer, but going from panel 5 to 6 seems to be disjointed, or is there a second blade at the base of the spear?

I believe that both ends of the polearm have blades on it. That’s how I saw it when I first looked over it. One end having the axe blade and the other a more spear-like blade.

That’s what I thought, but I’ve never seen one like that. The Higgens Armory Museum has a bunch, but all have the business done at one end. A few are iron shod, but seems to be the limit.

Pinned like a memo to a corkboard.

Not gonna lie, I burst out laughing at that last two panels. XD I’m not sure if it’s the faces or the way my brain instantly casually commented “Well that escalated quickly” to myself, but it just struck me as hilarious. I also love Myra’s “FINE WHATEVER I’M OUT” pose in panel three.

if Gabe can hide That up a sleeve…

Imagine the potential contents of his codpiece…

Well, seeing as how Gabe lacks any anatomy to take up space in a codpiece, I imagine there would be a good bit of room, yes.

Don’t automatically assume all angels have to follow the literary rules of other writers. :)

I can’t see anyway it could have been laid out nicely on the page, but I would have loved to have seen reaction shots on the other characters.

I assume nothing. The character page says “Gabe is physically genderless.”

I have a demon character who biologically doesn’t have a brain, but that doesn’t mean her skull’s empty.

So really, there could be ANYTHING in Gabe’s Codpiece.

Which titillates me far more than it probably should.

I think when the writer says genderless it means nothing is in there.

Technically, ‘physically genderless’ should mean ‘physically incapable of being correctly referred to by masculine or feminine pronouns (and adjectives in gendered-adjective languages),’ or, to use the more modern definition of gender, ‘physically, biologically, or neurologically incapable of perceiving itself as male or female, regardless of physical sex.’

But yeah, it probably just means ‘physically sexless’ in context.

Well, wasn’t exactly up a sleeve, since the coat he normally wears is only draped over his arm, but now we know of one of the likely attributes of the quite mystical looking overcoat. And, how much you want to bet that weapon hasn’t killed Obi, at least not outright. I’m guessing there is another function that will come to light in the next page.

Wait… If both his arms are holding the halberd, and both sets of wings are up in the air… Then what’s holding his jacket? O.o

Obi’s going to need a new tee shirt. Or then again, maybe not. I don’t see any blood, but with the blade blocking the the wound like that, you might not – yet. We’ll have to see how this turns out. After all, if Gabe just wanted the guy dead, I’m sure Gabe’s empty, angelic hands could have done the job.

That’s an interesting pole-arm that Gabe has – one of those all-singing-all-dancing jobs, with the spear point for setting and impaling, bearded axe for chopping, and hooked blade for unhorsing riders and hooking out legs. It doesn’t have a pick blade for impaling swings, but those things can be more trouble than they’re worth, what with their tendency to get stuck. They’re very effective in pitched melees, but a bit awkward to walk around with all the time (unless you can employ a solution like Gabe’s). An infantryman’s weapon, in other words. It’s got some nasty chinks in the edge though… but it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth to get it reforged.

I’m not sure if I should be curious or worried that you seem to have so much practical knowledge of pole-arms . . .

The thing that irks me with that weapon is that – as far as we can tell from the partial views so far – it’s only about half as long as a regular halberd (or, for that matter, spear/pike). Not *that* useful against cavalry, I’ld guess. Opting for more agility in close quarters / urban settings maybe?

Polearms came in many varieties, and each could have just about any length of haft on it. The tradeoff of manoeuvreability, user fatigue and ease of transportation vs increased reach and swing power is obvious, but even the shortest Lochaber axes, which could be wielded one-handed at a pinch, still had a hook which could be used for unhorsing, if one was positioned correctly…

To me, it registered almost immediately as a Persian tabar, albeit with a spearhead instead of a spike. The scrollwork and the first glimpse of the spear blade are what made me think tabar, but it could be something else? Or it could be something Kory made up. ^^ I just got excited because the season 2 finale of Forged in Fire had the tabar as the final challenge. My brain went “Hey! I know what that’s called! Awesome!!”

Oh it the classic ‘kill you to see if your evil trick’! I imagine a ducking chair and body of water was too inconvenient to carry around.

Also, looks like Gabe passed on the whole flaming sword thing and went for the a spear/ halberd route.

You mean a duck and a scale?

Never – NEVER get on the bad side of Gabe – or any angel *ow*

No Bourbon nor poker game this time – Gabe just brought Holy Wrath (probably the weapon’s name, who knows) O_o

Loved the details in that polearm (halberd, it seems), all shiny and mystic symbols but showing some wear.

Yeah, the polearm is a nice touch, and I think I recognize a few of the symbols on there as the not-so-nice-to-mess-with kind.

One I did – from Full Metal Alchemist anime (wrote yesterday about it – below some more comments)

Well, I think that Game nailed it down (or pinned, haha) because Greg is the only one that was turned in his family, hence the reaction of his parents with his “half turn”.

Except that Hank said in last week’s page that Obi and his family have been part of the Avalon for a decade or more. It’s hardly impossible that, while Greg’s branch of the family only has one medallion and the last couple wearers have kept it secret, other branches mostly live as satyrs.

It’s more likely that Gabe simply trusts bugbear senses and thinks Hank’s testimony that Obi’s been “sickly” since the nightmare’s theft is enough to back up the possession theory.

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