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Greetings From Dogpatch 21: Words Hurt

Greetings From Dogpatch 21: Words Hurt published on 40 Comments on Greetings From Dogpatch 21: Words Hurt

Oops, some of you keen-eyed readers guessed correctly about demon possession. You might not remember Damien! Here is a link to his very first appearance, way back in Orientations. He hasn’t spoken before now, so welcome to the realm of speaking characters, Damien.

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Is that a magical rabbit?

I’m curious: When Gabe says that he knew ‘there’d be more of you skulking about,’ is he saying that he knew that the Grim Brothers and the Demons were off doing something more somewhere else or is he suggesting that perhaps Damien had his being split so that a part of it rested in Obi, so he was referring to just Damien in that statement?

Words may hurt, but apparently not as much as being stabbed by that . . . uh, thing-I-forgot-what-it’s-called.

people were making assumptions that it was a poleaxe of sorts last page, but this one shows its not quite long enough to qualify. Looks to me to be more of a battleaxe with a spear end to allow for stabbing. Anyone wanting to correct me, please do so, I can’t find a proper comparison for this weapon of war that Gabe’s twisting around in Obi/Damien.

Kory called it a modified halberd on Twitter.

Yeah, Damien, go ahead and trash talk the guy who’s got a polearm lodged in your chest. Especially hurl the words “filthy” and “animal” at a divine celestial being. Sounds like he’s got something of a sense of entitlement: “Hey! I’m the devil, and I come to do the ****ing devil’s work, so git’cher’andsoffme!” Maybe he wants to go down in legend, as a tale to frighten children with.

Is that Peter Rabbit behind that shrubbery to the left? Or is it AA Milne’s Piglet? And Gabe’s wings look impressive fully extended like that. Shame the dialogue got in the way.

Hey, Obi, how can you
Obi, listen
Hey, Obi
How can you hiss with your mouth wide open?

*ow* twisting the spear like that must hurt like hell – joke intended C:

Gabes’s smirk on 5th pannel = scaaaaaary ‘:C

If Myra ever gets her claws on one of the Grim Brothers again… owwwwwwwww the possibilities are many.

And I wonder if the Grim Brothers are trying to get allies to go after Michelle – after all, they tried with Momo and the nightmare and failed… Bigfoot and the Ozark Howler could get ugly.

Of course I can be totally wrong about all that.

I like how everyone is focused on the bunny, but no one mentions the ent inna tshirt in the background of panel 6.

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