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Greetings from Dogpatch 33: Dibs on the Eyes

Greetings from Dogpatch 33: Dibs on the Eyes published on 35 Comments on Greetings from Dogpatch 33: Dibs on the Eyes

Did you know why a Hellmouth is called a Hellmouth? Well now you knoooooowwwww!

The 6th page of What Do You Do With a Baby Seal just went up! There are two pages left, so donate to release the last two pages! Yay!


Is that a dragon, or is it just a demon? If it’s a dragon, I’m surprised Myra is taking it so well. She’s the only one of them who doesn’t know about Bloodcarver, right?

Hey Myra, if you going into combat you might want to hide your irreplaceable magical trinket that lets you take human form, just a thought. After all, you don’t want to do more damage to it, do you?

1. Whoa big monster!
2. Myra’s a good guy, but is scarier-looking than said big monster.
3. I wonder if Myra can use her bugbear claws like chopsticks?
4. Is the Hellmouth’s mouth full of dirt?

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