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This may be the most common sense yet displayed by a demon in the entire course of the comic.

And a surprisingly cute demon at that.

By the way, is anyone else wondering what the other end of that portal looks like? I mean, if this end is the head…. XD

Unhappy Damien clearly wasn’t expecting this!

Damien: F-f-fancy meeting you here! And I’veneverbeenanywherenearyourhedgemazesince-a-andI’mstillaninsecureasswhonobodylikes… *whimper*

I think that Myra should avoid damaging him too much – those horns won’t make such good trophies if the gilding is chipped. >:=)>

Myra looks like: “Hello again… I see you’ve been a naughty naughty kid…” and Mikhail looks like he’ll need a new pair of pants.

Who need the Krampus when you have a bugbear like Myra? X-D

On the other side.. back in Orientations chapter, when Michelle sent the Grim brothers back to Dis, they came back really fast… this happened inside Fiddler’s Cave – maybe another Hellmouth is there?

That little extended curled grin of Myra’s has gone from “I’m havin’ some fun!” to “Thanks for bein’ stupid enough to come back, kid. I’m gonna make you into a throwrug!” followed by a maniacally sinister laugh….

Myra has hit a new level of rockin’!

Umh, how did Mikhail even *recognize* Myra? She’s in full-form now, as opposed to not even quite midfrom in Verona, and didn’t say anything about knowing *him* back yet … Is there a “Demon Radar”, too?

(And why does everyone feel the need to take the time and address everyone by name when they’re talking to the *entire* rest of their party, anyway? :-D )

I guess demons recognise people from their experiences of them…. and I reckon Mikhail could not fail to recognise Myra’s ‘spirit’ no matter what shape she wears…. Mik might not be the sharpest, but he ain’t that stupid either!

(and as for using names… we all know the answer to that one, don’t we?) ;-)

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