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Who wouldn’t want a snuggly Bugbear hug?

A “care” bugbear just came to my mind… :3

I translate Bugbear as “Scare Bear.”
(Bug–Old English root for frighten. Hence bug, boogeyman, boggart, boggle the mind (the terrifying vastness…), bug out, etc. If anyone tells you a spider is not really a bug, you can argue that not only spiders but also centipedes and snakes are bugs. Beetles and ants, not so much.

Oooh, like the Cradle of Death from Ranma 1/2. Although Myra is rather larger than Genma Saotome… and hairier.

I bet the Hellmouth is wishing that it hadn’t manifested in this way: “I’m just a hole in the ground – don’t mind me… just focus on the hellbeasties that are pouring out of me. Oh yes.”

I wonder whether Gabe has managed to pull off the old counter of pointing the spear at the opponent’s chest, while setting the shaft against the ground. Unfortunately, that bit is out of shot…

And where is Marshall right now? Is Azreal about to receive a raven or two in the face?

I love how Myra is getting bigger and bigger as she’s got Mike in her claws. Why in a couple of moments he’s simply an hors d’oeuvre.

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