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Greetings from Dogpatch 51: The End

Greetings from Dogpatch 51: The End published on 37 Comments on Greetings from Dogpatch 51: The End

That’s the end of Greetings from Dogpatch! Thanks for reading!

I’m updating a day early because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY so my GIFT TO YOU is an early comic page! Hooray!

I will be taking a break through November to work on getting the next comic ready! I will be doing READER QUESTIONS during November! So if you have a question, ask it here (or in the blog post below) and I might answer it!

The comic will return December 3rd!


Does each Avalon with a standing population have a dedicated tailor/seamstress to alter all the clothes for various tails/wings/appendages? Anyone with sewing skill would probably be in high demand with all the super varied mid-forms out there that would still need clothes.

On a somewhat related note, are there any monsters/magical critters that are spider or silkworm-based? I would imagine they would naturally have some skill in weaving and/or sewing. A Jorogumo (japanese myth) or Arachne (Greek) comes to mind.

This was a very, very good chapter. I’ve liked Myra since “The one eyed bear” and this episode just made me like her more. All of the characters were very good and getting another look at Gabe was interesting as well. He is a Mystery that won’t be cracked and that is good. The world needs its Mysteries.

Do you think you could walk us through how you thought up this story?
However long or short, I always love to hear ways people think of things, have a look behind the scenes.
(Possibly because I seem to have trouble thinking up stories on my own- I always over think things…).

Happy Birthday, thanks for the comic, and good luck in the future!

Sincerely, Drake

A belated happy birthday to you :> But I also have a question!

What does bugbear courtship generally entail? They’re so in tune with creepiness in general, I’m actually curious how one might go about wooing another.

Thanks for all your hard work on comics thus far <3

I FINALLY FOUND IT. I first read your comic a couple years ago, when the last page was Swiftrunner finding Michelle in Bloodcarver’s cave…Long story short, I couldn’t find it again until today! I read THE WHOLE THING OMFG. I love it so much! Your art and style have really developed through the comic and it’s super cool to me! Skin Deep is AWESOME.

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