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January Reader Question 18

January Reader Question 18 published on 11 Comments on January Reader Question 18

You can find Dogwood in the Greetings From Dogpatch story! She’s responsible for growing the grove of dogwood trees around the Dogpatch Avalon to hide it from view from the highway.


She also wears clothes from the 90s that feature “urban” cartoon characters.


“I will like Groot.”
Since the comic happens before Guardians of the Galaxy came out.

Groot was created in 1960 in Marvel comics as yet another evil alien scientist but after the 1960s, was basically unused.
The character was relaunched in 2006 as a hero character, and finally made it into the big time with Guardians Of The Galaxy in 2014.
So as things stand, in Skin Deep, unless she has seen some of the really old Marvel comics or reprints, she would not likely know of Groot.

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