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When the new “Clash of the Titans” came out, I took umbrage that they had made Pegasus black, but I’ve always been suspicious of what I think I know, especially things I’ve believed my whole life, so I researched it. (theoi is a great resource) As it turns out, if you consult the original texts, there’s no mention of what COLOR Pegasus was, nor even a mention of whether he even HAD wings–only that he could fly (as could the horses who pulled the chariot of Apollo, who also had no wings). Damn. Next someone’s going to tell me that Festivus isn’t a real holiday.

To answer the given question, yes. The Greeks were, in fact, on many drugs.

In fact, to this very day some of the Greeks are on many drugs, always. They tend to be found on college and university campuses gathered together in “fraternities,” wherein they convince each other of their own superiority and engage in the most terrible of debaucheries.

Wonder what they’d think of the new Friendship is Magic series? Oh dear.

Then again, if he’s as changeable as his friend is saying he is, I’m sure he’s a closet Brony in no time at all…

‘He’ is a ‘she’, and FiM is utter tripe compared to the glorious original series!!!

She would utterly hate it, I’m sure. I loved the original series as a kid, but on rewatching, it’s pretty terrible. FiM, on the other hand, is actually pretty good. I know tastes are subjective and all, but I think you may be clinging a bit hard to nostalgia.

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