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It seems like you took a normal conversation and just replaced parts of it with strange made up words.

Dude, I totally want to play. They say the guy who wrote wonderland was high when he did it, but I think that just bought something we on this mindset wouldn’t be able to begin coming up with.

Mate, Wonderland was a parody of new types of mathematics that were being introduced at the time of writing.
I find the best way to check to see if any author was high at the time of writing is to check to see if all it says is “Dude! Dude, dude, dude, dude…. Dude! Yea, We need more cheetos dude.”

Strategy for the real game, at least the basics: keep one or maybe two BIG cards in your hand, like the thricewise duchess or the snickersnack white knight, and then a selection of smaller cards that won’t compete with your ringer if the round ends with them in your hand. Expend the small cards in order to avoid having to draw.

Greensleeves… There’s a song called ‘Greensleeves’, isn’t there? Or am I just that sad?

I became aware of this wonderful comic at San Diego’s most recent ComiCon, when I met Kory and saw her fantastic Endlings. I had the opportunity to buy one of the Borogove games at that point, and hesitated because I’d already spent so much. I very much regret not purchasing it then! I do feel fortuante that I found out about this comic, though. I don’t know if I would have found out about it otherwise.

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