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I can’t believe I just caught this typo.

“I like you’re necklace, miss,” should be “I like your necklace, miss.”

I’ve gotten in the habit of reading “you’re” in my mind as “you are” partly because people on the internet make this mistake so often, and because mistakes like that can be contagious and I want to catch it if I do it. I don’t remember if I caught this one before, but reading “I like you are necklace” definitely stands out.

If Rhonda and Django are both bohemian lions, why is ones medallion silver and the other gold?

(sorry, I ask a lot of questions)

they have different colored medallions because, I’d assume, the material and color have no baring on the medallion other than aesthetics. The only important thing is the spell and what race it’s for. So medallions can look like look different between different members of the same magical race.

Remember to fix the “you’re/your” typo before printing, Kory! =3 (Also love this page I didn’t get it at first cause I started here rather than with Orientations xD)

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