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Given Rupert has a human-phobia, I imagine just being one would give him all sorts of conniptions.

He what? Where is that established?

…can’t find exactly that offhand, but – as a consequence – he’s very uneasy when he’s in a human shape himself, too:

Ah. Dunno if that means ‘human phonic’ but I get being wigged out losing half your appendages at once.

IIRC he also hates being full Jubjub bird according to another RQ. Good thing midforns exist, poor Rupert.

No, no, I do remember that he’s supposed to be afraid of humans, too, I just don’t remember/find where that was said.

Maybe it was in the (lost) comments on this page (which also suggests that he does not have much of a problem going fullform):

I’m not sure if it’s been asked before or just not considered. Although likely it has been asked before I just cant recall it off hand.

But what would Eleanor look like if she were able to appear human and had use of a medallion, provided there was one she could use?

I can imagine she would possibly enjoy being a silly individual that looks like they’re walking around everywhere wearing a “obviously fake” enormous mustache for a lady. To which I can imagine a proud dwarven level mustache only one manicured to look similar to: on a mid 30’s-esq person.

> what would Eleanor look like if she were able to appear human

No mustache, apparently:
(Or maybe nearby Madam U scared it away … ?)

I remember when a thumbprint-sized ‘soul patch’ was the hot new thing. My impression was of a bunch of barely-post-adolescent guys cultivating the most noticeable part of their new facial hair in an attempt to look mature. I was not impressed.

Conversely, some older men grew them in an apparent attempt to look younger. With rare exceptions, they just looked pathetic.

I’m (sorta) sorry if anyone chooses to be offended…

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